TrapTap Wireless Traffic Ticket Device

$248.00 AUD $178.00 AUD

Protect yourself and those you love with TRAPTAP Speed Alerting and Camera warning device. Ensure no one in your family gets a speeding ticket again! With 1M data points across all of Australia, TrapTap will ensure you save money and be informed of  Speed Cameras, Red Light Intersection cameras, 40km/h School zones, Police Speed traps, and changing speed limits.


Tech Specification

DIMENSIONS: 5.95 cm diameter.
2.050 cm height.
WEIGHT:  50 grams.
SUPPORTED DEVICES: iPhone 4S onward.
Leading Android devices.
POWER SUPPLY:  Two year battery (coin cell).
OTHER:  Low energy. 800,000+ POIs mapped.


Managing Director CEO 15 MAY 2018
"As a busy sales manager who's always on the roads , all day, everyday, I've copped my fair share of Speeding Fines! Having eroded my license all the way down to my last 1 Demerit point. I needed to act fast to keep my license. Buying TRAPTAP changed my driving life! I never realised how much I was speeding around till I drove around with TrapTap. After a year I now have No Speeding Fines! TrapTap has definitely changed my driving habits and curbed my tendency to speed. Thanks TRAPTAP!"
Kerry 9 JULY 2017
"This thing works great! Love how I can now feel more relaxed on the road"
Tarina 4 MARCH 2018
"Love, Love, Love this device, as a female driver I'm always rushing around and getting fined. This product saved my license on the very 1st day I used it! Would recommend to everyone!"
Amy W. 10 JULY 2017
"Great product, my kids love it. Excellent customer service too!"
Dustin 1 JUNE 2017
"Arrived in time in really good packaging. Has good instructions and is super easy to set up. There was a couple missing data points, but the TrapTap team quickly fixed once messaged. Super Impressed!"
Mark 7 MAY 2017
"If this can save me from at least one ticket, then it’s well worth it."
Chris 7 MARCH 2017
"Once I heard about TrapTap It was a no-brainer for me to get one. It’s already saved me at least 1 needless ticket and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase."
Amanda 23 FEBRUARY 2017
"This really works great in Australia! Even warned me of a police trap the other day."
Kaite C 2 FEBRUARY 2017
"The multiple colors helps distinguish the alert without taking my eyes off the road."

Shipping Information


PO BOX 842

Free Standard Shipping – Australia Post Regular Parcel 3-4 days

EXPRESS OPTION: “Express Shipping” 2 Day Priority $8.90 to all parts of Australia