The All New TRAPTAP Video !

Watch the All New TRAPTAP Speed Camera Alerting Device in Action:

Beeps and Flashes to warn you of upcoming Red Light Cameras, Speed Cameras, School Zones and more…


Fast becoming the most sought after Device for warning motorists of Speeding Fine Infringement carrying situations. With Radar Detectors Banned, Speed Jammers Banned, using your Mobile Phone while driving Banned, .. TRAPTAP is the only device left to warn you of Upcoming Speed Cameras and Red Light Traffic cameras that’s 100% Legal to use in Australia!


Australian Police just revealed New Plans to Increase the number of Speed Cameras in Australia to over 3000%

The roads are literally going to be plastered with Speeding Cameras! You won’t be able to drive even 4 km/h over the Speed Limit without getting fined! Every Intersection, every Freeway and major Highway, even selected back-streets will be targeted by Mobile Speed Camera units and Hand-held Laser gun systems.

The time to Protect yourself is Now!

Be Safe, Protect your License and Save Money in Speeding Fines !